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Jalapeno Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders - La Selva Beach Spice

Jalapeno Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders

Everything Bagel Seasoning has become a trendy addition to spice cabinets across America over the past few years, and has been blowing up social media with drool-worthy photos of perfectly poached eggs and vibrant avocado toast.  And for good reason... a little shake takes a meal from standard to star-worthy, especially in this recipe for Jalapeno Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders, an upgraded version of a family-favorite meal.

These spicy chicken tenders taste like your two favorite comfort dishes married into one happy family – the crispy, juicy chicken tender and your morning everything bagel with cream cheese.  

First off, what’s in Everything Bagel Seasoning? 

Close your eyes, and imagine the taste of your favorite everything bagel, packed full of seeds, garlicky flavor and the perfect balance of salt, pretty good right? Now, you can get taste of your favorite breakfast bagel any time of day, without indulging in delicious bagels. 

Our take on the Everything Bagel trend is packed with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, high quality salt, garlic, onion, and a touch of dried jalapeno for an added punch of heat. 

How to use Jalapeno Everything Bagel Seasoning?

We think that Jalapenos Everything Bagel Seasoning tastes great on… just about everything! Here are some of our favorite ways to spice up our meals:

  • On your avocado toast
  • Sprinkled on your eggs 
  • On top of hummus
  • Sprinkled inside your sandwiches or wraps
  • Tossed into potato salad
  • And made into a crispy crunchy coating for chicken tenders!

How to make Jalapeno Everything Bagel Chicken Tenders:

This recipe uses just a handful of ingredients but packs a ton of flavor. It features two secret ingredients that make it addictingly crispy and packed with flavor: La Selva Jalapeno Everything Bagel Seasoning, and panko breadcrumbs. You don’t need a deep fryer for crispy chicken tenders, and this recipe is proof!

We start off blending the perfectly balanced La Selva Beach Spice Jalapeno Everything Bagel Seasoning with crispy panko breadcrumbs. Panko is Japanese style breadcrumbs, which are larger and flakier than standard breadcrumbs. Because panko doesn’t absorb as much grease, they stay crispier, longer. If you can’t find panko, feel free to use whatever breadcrumbs you have on hand. The key is to make sure your tenders are fully coated in the crumb mixture and brushed with a touch of olive oil for optimal crisp. 

Once coated dredged in flour, egg, and the breadcrumb blend, they are baked in under 15 minutes, giving you just enough time to clean up, set the table, toss together a salad, and whip up a tangy Lemon Garlic & Parsley Yogurt Sauce. Making this simple yogurt sauce is as easy as 1-2-3, simply mix plain yogurt, all natural La Selva Garlic Salt with Parsley, and lemon. The star ingredient, is our special blend of garlic, dried parsley and Himalayan sea salt, helping you make something special, without the fuss. 

Start to finish, this Jalapeno Everything Bagel Chicken Tender recipe is on the plate in less than 30 minutes, making this the perfect quick and easy meal that is ready on your schedule.

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