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Spicy Lemon Pepper Steak and Roasted Mushrooms

Spicy Lemon Pepper Steak and Roasted Mushrooms

Lemon Pepper Seasoning is an aromatic blend you may already have heard about. Seafood and poultry are often cooked in a blend of lemon, garlic, and ground black pepper.

It seems like recipes for Lemon Pepper Chicken or Salmon dominate cooking blogs. The flavors are perfect for summertime cooking. But this delicious blend can be used far and beyond your mother's chicken dinner. 

To upgrade your cast iron skillet steak try out our great Garlic Lemon Pepper steak marinade before heating up those delicious steaks. Add bold flavors to your steak on a cast iron with this simple marinade.

This simple cooking hack will infuse flavor into your cast iron steak not just on the surface. 

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