2.5 lb Himalayan Salt Tub
2.5 lb Himalayan Salt Tub

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Healthy Choice: Himalayan salt has become notorious for its incredible health benefits. Our salt contains 84 trace minerals which include Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron. Himalayan salt helps balance the body's pH(alkaline/acidity) naturally.

Great Taste: Our Himalayan salt not only holds great health benefits but has a delightful taste! Himalayan salt goes great on meat, vegetables, soups, and much more. If you have a sweet tooth go ahead and add some to your cake mix in place of your normal processed salt.

Natural: We ensure that our salt is 100% NATURAL and UNTREATED. This means that there are no additives or preservatives in our salt. We important the highest quality Himalayan salt which is carefully inspected for quality before being packaged at your facility right here in La Selva Beach, California.

Container: Tub with open lid (no shaker holes).