Yellow creamy Mushroom Risotto in a bowl made with arborio rice, parmesan cheese, garlic salt and parsley seasoning, and sliced mushrooms.

Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto

It’s no secret that the key to good risotto is patience and time. That is unless you’re making risotto in an Instant Pot! 

One of the many benefits of the Instant Pot (besides making clean up a breeze), is its ability to cut cooking times in half. While risotto often takes 45-60 minutes to make correctly, the Instant Pot makes this risotto recipe in less than a half hour! If that’s not reason enough to try out this recipe then we don’t know what is.  

Ingredients You'll Need 

While we’re able to cut the time in half, risotto still requires a handful of ingredients. Luckily, our garlic salt and parsley seasoning handles the flavor component! Now, you just need to build the base… 

  • Olive Oil: Like any good dish, the first ingredient is olive oil in a hot pan!
  • Shallot: Forget the onions- shallots are the key to a good risotto. Shallots are milder in taste and not as crunchy as onions are. 
  • Mushrooms: With so many delicious kinds of mushrooms to choose from, how do you pick just one? The answer…. You don’t! This risotto is made from a combination of Shiitake, oyster, and enoki mushrooms. These three provide a risotto with more depth and textural variety, but really you can’t go wrong with any mushroom!
  • White Wine: A splash of your favorite dry white will go a long way when it comes to the flavor of the risotto. The wine plus the mushrooms and shallot results in a mouth-watering aroma. 
  • Arborio Rice: This short-grain rice is the base of our risotto. While a cup and a half doesn’t sound or look like a lot, the rice absorbs the liquids to yield a fluffy end result. 
  • La Selva Garlic Salt and Parsley Seasoning: Parsley and mushrooms go great together, and this seasoning is the perfect compliment to the earthy veggies. And no need for garlic either! This seasoning has you covered. 
  • Veggie Broth: Remember how the arborio rice needs liquid to get fluffy? Well, vegetable broth is the key to perfectly fluffed risotto! 
  • Parmesan Cheese: It wouldn’t be a pasta dish without cheese! Parmesan is the perfect cheese to pair with our light risotto. 

A Tip Before We Dive In...

If you want perfect risotto, then hot vegetable broth is a must. While it’s not as important when using Instant Pot as opposed to cooking risotto on the stovetop, it still makes a big difference. Hot vegetable broth poured into a hot pot allows the rice to absorb the liquid faster.

Final Thoughts

Be prepared to explain to guests how you got perfectly cooked risotto so fast! Once you try this recipe, you’ll never be able to go back to cooking risotto on the stovetop. This easy recipe makes it so easy to add in the ingredients, then allow the Instant Pot to do it’s thing. While sometimes you can’t cut corners when it comes to cooking, here you most certainly can!


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    • Margaret Satchie

      Love the instant pot mushroom risotto. What is an Instant Pot?

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