One Pot Creamy Vegan White Bean Soup Recipe: A Cozy and Comforting Meal

One Pot Creamy Vegan White Bean Soup Recipe: A Cozy and Comforting Meal

It’s soup season! As a Californian-based company, any time the weather hits below 65 degrees it’s time to cook up some soup. This Vegan White Bean Soup recipe is the perfect cozy, healthy, and comforting soup to enjoy this month. Made with a classic mirepoix base, the only other ingredients you need are white beans, Tuscan kale, coconut milk, and vegetable stock. Add a touch of our Garlic Salt with Parsley Seasoning and the soup is ready to go!

Ingredients You'll Need 

This cozy recipe is so easy to make and only needs a handful of ingredients. Luckily, most of these ingredients are pantry staples that you probably already have at home!

  • White Onion: You can’t have a good soup without onions! As one of the three parts to the mirepoix base, the onion starts the base of our rich soup.
  • Carrots: Two medium-sized carrots are needed here. Feel free to add another one though!
  • Celery: The final mirepoix component is diced celery. Mirepoix is a French term that means a flavor base of root vegetables sauteed in butter or fat. The mirepoix starts any good soup, so you can build off flavors from there.
  • Garlic Salt with Parsley Seasoning: The only seasoning you need for this recipe is our garlic salt with parsley! Parsley is the perfect compliment to our root vegetables and gives the soup a fresh flavor. 
  • Garlic: Just three cloves of minced garlic goes a long way here!
  • Lemon Juice: A tablespoon of lemon juice adds a nice touch of acidity to the base.
  • Great Northern Beans: These white beans take on the delicious flavors of the soup and help make it a little more hearty, while still keeping it vegan.
  • Coconut Milk: This dairy-free alternative is often used in place of heavy cream. It thickens soups without using dairy. 
  • Vegetable Broth: Rich veggie broth adds to the flavors of our soup.
  • Tuscan Kale: This final ingredient is added right before the soup is pulled off of the heat.

Beans, broth, cream, carrots, onions, kale, olive oil and garlic salt separated out

A Few Tips Before We Dive In...

  • Remove the stem of the kale before chopping the leaves. The stem is fibrous, chewy, and not too enjoyable to eat. 
  • Great Northern beans can also be swapped for cannellini beans if need be.
If you’re looking to add an anti-inflammatory property to the soup, try adding a tablespoon or two of our Turmeric!

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